Milestone Smoothie…fresh coconut meat, banana & kale.

I was looking for an interesting kale recipe with coconut but couldn’t find anything that appealed to my taste buds, I get a bit nervous experimenting with new things that I haven’t tasted before, I suppose its normal, but its good to try anyway. We were at the halal festival and bucked up on tow very nice young men from Cocoface, selling coconuts as you do when you are in that new of the woods, East London Excel to be exact.

Fresh Coconut Meat, Bananas &Kale
Fresh Coconut Meat, Bananas &Kale

For over a year I have been struggling with the idea of how to open a fresh coconut, I have bought fresh coconut, watched YouTube videos but to no avail, the coconut got resigned to the compost bin and I have not be able to forge my way ahead through the jungle of raw food.

Until now. That’s why its called Milestone Smoothie, it marks a mile stone in Karimah’s Cuisina nutritional food development programme.

The young man said he would teach us the gillie way,using a big cleaver from China Town, he cut hexagonal chunks dents into the top of the coconut ,warning us to keep fingers out of the way.

Milestone Smoothie
Milestone Smoothie


  • 5 kale leaves washed and chopped
  • 1 coconut inner flesh 
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • water of coconut if you have it or 500ml filter water
  • 1 tbsp diatamaceuos earth (optional)
  • 1 tsp tumeric (optional)


  • wash  and chopped kale,place in blender
  • wash and peel bananas
  • break coconut open after drinking water or pouring out and scoop our flesh
  • add 500ml water or saved coconut water
  • blend at low speed at first to break down leaves and then high speed

As you become more confident at making smoothies and learning more about  Islamic remedies then you will get more confident insha’allah God willing to ad your own touches.

Its a journey of personal development that will present challenges as well as  rewards, so enjoy the changes and know that you are moving closer to God by purifying your system.

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