3 Day Juice Fast – Fibre, Something To Get Your Teeth Into


EU Veg 14

About a year ago we cut down on our use of the juicer and started using the blender more, it seemed the sensible thing to do as so much fiber was getting wasted. Even though we were putting it into the compost when we weren’t making burger, it was all a bit faffing around.so it was easier and more user friendly to just stick everything in the blender and blend away.

now blended smoothies have loads of useful fibre, fibre is good for roughage and keeps your bowels moving regular getting all those nasty toxins out of your body. Fibre also helps you feel fuller longer.


All fruit and vegetables contain starch, to one degree or another, its just how they are made. Some are high in starch like potatoes or bananas and some are low like carrots.

Plants produce glucose and then store it in the form of starch. These starches are complex carbohydrates that may contain thousands of glucose molecules linked together in chains. Due to their structure, starches take longer to break down into single molecules of glucose. That characteristic sets them apart from the simple sugars that consist of just a few molecules of sugar and are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. One large carrot supplies 1 gram of starch. There isn’t a separate recommendation for starch intake but, as much as possible, you should meet your daily intake of total carbohydrates by eating complex carbs such as the starch found in carrots. All fruit and vegetables contain starch, as they ripen the starch quantity decrease and the sugar increases.

For this reason we need to chew our smoothie, so when we are making them , don’t blend the living daylight out of them literally , it’s not Tropicana smooth, with no bits, those bits are important.

Digestion begins in the mouth and as we chew food we release an enzyme called salivary amalayse that breaks down starch, not just starch in thing like potatoes but also the starch in carrots and apples.

When we allow food to remain in the mouth a while, messages are sent from the senses,taste buds of the tongue in the mouth to the brain to prepare the stomach for the incoming food.

So don’t just gulp your smoothie back, take your time and savour the flavours 😉



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