Great Skin Liver Cleanse Juice


By Karimah bint dawoud, Muslim chaplain & wellbeing writer.

As some of your know I am not at the half a century mark, all praise is due to the Creator and Islam that I’m still here. I have been into holistic therapies for about 30 years and at this age, I don’t just want good skin I want great skin…naturally. Surrounded by collagen Botox and plastic surgery, I was  never one to go for the quick fix, preferring to do things Nature’s Way.

Great Skin Liver Cleanse
Great Skin Liver Cleanse

I’m firm believer in you are what you eat and have been juicing for the last 20 years, been a vegetarian and vegan and no as a Muslim I eat meat occasionally.

I noticed over the years that if I got spots they always came in the same place but didn’t twig it till recently, almost qualified as a clinical nutritionist I realize the body has energy channel and it stands to reason fi the body had energy channels then so must the head and the face. I searched and found in ancient Chinese medicine that difference areas of the face correspond to different organs.

Let deal with one thing at a time and you can do some research yourself. I kept getting spots in one specific area on my eye brow and jaw. Friend had a similar thing but ended up getting her eyebrow lacerated to remove ever increasing spot she kept picking and you know what that means…a scar.

I prefer to try alternative therapies before surgery and so found out hat spots on the eye brows are to do with problem in the liver. That’s makes sense because I get psoriasis too, too much heat in the liver. Headaches, more frequent urinating at night, red nose, nausea, feeling sick, joint pain, bad breathe can also be a symptom that the liver is in trouble.

This smoothie is for cleansing and supporting the liver, its doesn’t taste like a pina colada, no but tis medicine, we made enough for a couple more days and kept in sealed containers in fridge. Some time we find that if the juice is already there in the morning especially I take away choice which is sometimes good thing.


5 sticks of celery

2-3 carrots

1 small/medium beetroot

5cm piece of fresh ginger

1 whole orange

1 liter of water


  • wash everything
  • peel carrots
  • cut carrots in smaller pieces
  • cut orange in 4
  • cut beetroot into smaller pieces
  • cut ginger in half
  • place  1/2 of everything  into jug blender including 1/2 litre water
  • blend
  • empty into sealed containers and place in fridge
  • repeat – put other half of veggies and fruits in blender and remaining water an blend
  • knock it back
  • its should last in sealed containers 3 days in fridge.

this web site some useful info on ailments connected with weak liver


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