After a morning of lemon juice in water, brainy thyme basil and sage tea followed by carrot, strawberry and celery juice, I need something solid, in a really kind of solid way, no fluffy starchy carbs getting in on the act just protein. This low starchy carbs brunch will provide you with energy energy energy. You don’t need bread or crackers all the time and its better for weight loss too.

Dilly Eggs and Salmon
Dilly Eggs and Salmon

I love eggs and smoked salmon, it’s a treat as its Friday, our Muslim holy day, what better way to savor lunch late breakfast brunch. This is a great combination but not so great for those who have to watch they salt sodium intake, it’s not great for suffer with high blood pressure.

For those of us fortunate enough not to have to watch our salt, both eggs and salmon provide lots of essential omega 3 fatty acid which is not only great for dry itchy skin but it also helps the brain make the right connection, for example, seeing something as a threat or a challenge could produce different reaction, omega 3 will help you react positively which is see things as challenges. From a nutritional food combining point of view this meal is fine, protein and protein and no starchy carbs.

Ok, we added the wonderful herb dill, all herbs are holy foods, sacred foods mentioned in all the holy books.

Dill contains numerous natural chemical compounds that are anti-oxidant, and disease preventing. It’s essential oil help produce bile and helps and calms the digestive system, it’s also good for breast feeding mothers and its helps the mother produce milk,

Dill is also good for the respiratory system and people with allergies.



4 free range egg

1 cup of chopped fresh dill or20 ml dry dill

5ml sunflower oil

50ml almond milk, you can use other but diary and fish are toxic in Islamic medicine

1 tea spoon black pepper ½ tsp. sea salt

Sliced smoked salmon, buy the best you can afford, look for something that’s as wild as possible




  • Combine broken eggs in cup and stir to blend with fork
  • Place oil in milk saucepan  on medium heat and add chopped dill
  • Stir for one minute to blend herbs with oil
  • Add eggs and milk and stir, keep stir to make sure eggs are scrambled
  • Serve with slices of salmon and enjoy
  • This will keep you going  for hours inshallah


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