Let’s break it, down make it simple, food combining, ideally fruits should be eaten alone next best thing with vegetables but simple carbohydrates like spinach not complex starch like y like rice, you can but it’s not ideal, it’s not bad but it’s not ideal either, I hope you are with me. Berries are high in vitamin C and in abundance right now, eat lots of them to boost your immune system before the cold and damp of autumn winter arrives. They are also great for eyesight and keeping you young looking, what starts good ends good insha’allah.

Super Smoothie Blackcurrant
Super Smoothie Blackcurrant

Makes 2 pint/large glasses, keeps in fridge in sealed container 2 days but best to drink ASAP


1 handful of small local strawberries

1-2 peaches or nectarine

1 handful blackcurrants

1 bunch of spinach 250ml coconut water or filter water

water everything, take roots off spinach , tops off strawberries, stone out of peaches


Blend together with water and drink, ideally first thing in morning after at least a glass of water, to get your electromagnetic circuit flowing.

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