12pm Lunch Time

About an hour after eating   I had acid in my stomach, I have an ulcer, so normally I eat foods to avoid this and thought that by eating brown rice flour  and not wheat, that every thing would be ok, but it passed, normally I’m would have some herbal tea with honey and a green juice,etc, however all I can have is water.

LIVE BELOW THE LINE -Curried beans

For about the last hour I have been bored and craving, even though I have been quite busy , its lunch time but we have nothing prepared, I think it’s going to have to be curried beans, pancake and yoghurt. Then boil some black eye peas for later, because we have to go to Islam Channel , a Muslim channel on Sky TV,  the programme is called Living the Life, to promote this project,

Lunch curried beans, 1 pancake and yoghurt, if I have less yoghurt I can have three dates now as they are only 1 p each from Southall, you know the cheap ones from Tunisia that we English people  eat at Christmas , you can get three packs for a pound and they give you 100 dates, Alhamdulillah, its better than nothing, seriously dates have natural vitamins and minerals and I don’t have the choice  of my healthy juices right now


Curried baked bean

2 Brown Rice Flour Pancakes


As I eat my lunch, my stomach still hurting acid wise, I think this lack of green leafy vegetables, that I usually eat, is going to harm my stomach this week, I am glad this is happening alhmdulilah, so I can see and feel for myself the effects of this diet.We have made every effort to produce recipes within this budget that are healthy, possible tomorrow I am going to have more of a raw food day and need to forage for some dandelion leaves to make a salad inshallah.



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