Live Below the Line – Day 1

Live Below The Line 


Rice Flour Pancake



Sprinkled with cinnamon


Technically I started last night because I have a fundraising dinner to go to on Friday night, the last day.

I woke up this morning and thought,

“I can’t have what I want to eat today and not only for today  but for the next 5 days!”

It is a sobering thought.

I drank my water as I normally do but thought

“ No herbal tea, no honey, no healthy fruit and veggie green juice” and resigned myself to more water, then remembering I soaked some  dates in water that I quickly went and drank for a quick sugar hit saving the dates for later.

Alhamdulilah , planning is one of the keys to success, I knew what I was having for breakfast and had been psyching myself up, since last night. Last night we were out on the street, feeding the homeless, so straight into this is a bit hardcore, mashallah, alhmdulilah.


I have a number of volunteers and helpers who help  me cook in order to learn from me mashallah, I was handed my banana, yoghurt and pancake, I walked a step away from the kitchen then turned back, then turned away again and turned, this went on three or four times, I was contemplating sprinkling my food with 2p worth of cinnamon, because I knew this meal is 31p without it, I finally decided that flavor and a nutritionally justification for cinnamon being an anti inflammatory which I need, won the day.

Truthfully it was really nice and I know I can eat this every day for the next 5  days inshallah but the lack of choice and my nutritional knowledge knows that honey first thing in the morning is a Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing of the creator, that holds a lot of wisdom for the astute if mind.

As I look at this foto of my breakfast, I imagine some heartless politician thinking, “that’s looks quite nice , I could love on that!”

We make things look good, attractive, that’s what we do, but it’s an illusion, it’s the psychological aspect of this challenge where there is so little choice, no butter to fry you pancakes just a tiny bit of vegetable oil.Butter and its taste is a comfort food, no jam not honey. Seriously I challenge any politician to eat what we at Karimahs Cuisina make, for five days and then come talk to me, because believe me, this is going to get boring, so boring it will be mentally and spiritually  interesting………….


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