Karimahs Qurbani Curry

I am so sorry that I can’t give you the recipe, we were so busy cooking and adapting our usual recipe t hat we had no time for thinking about recipe writing ,we were recipe doing!
Hajj Eid is a really busy time for us as a faith based charity, who regularly feed the homeless and needy healthy food. Needy people are not starving, it is vital like ital that we give them healthy quality food.
Hajj Eid is the culmination of ten days of ritual, where hajj pilgrims visit the holy ancient city of Makka in Saudi Arabic, to tread in the foots steps of the prophet Abraham, who was asked by Allah to sacrifice his own son, Ishmael, when Allah saw his sincerity, he stopped hi and told him the sacrifice could be made with a lamb,
So every year at the end of the ten days pilgrimage of reflecting and fasting and seeking repentance for sins, pilgrims and no pilgrims unlike, Muslims all over the world sacrifice lamb if they can afford it
Traditionally a family keeps a third for themselves, gives a third to neighbour and friends and gives a third to charity.

All praise is due to Allah for the good deeds we have been doing, feeding the poor and needy, that we are now given third or meat or even whole lambs, it is an honour and privilege.
This Eid so far, we took beautifully roasted lamb, marinated with Belazu smoked rose petals harissa and brown rice with spices and veggies to the Muslim brothers and others in the men hostel last week and last night we took mild potato and curried lamb to Grenfell victims and survivors, Grenfell volunteers at The Village in Portobello and our usual Muslim brothers and others at the hostel.
It is vital like ital to feed needy people quality healthy food , I see too much cheap white flour sugar and rice given to the poor and needy, this is not Islamic, it’s not halal and Tayyib , lawful and wholesome.
May Allah guide us to be more holistic and generous ameen

feed the need hajj 2017 qurbani



Alahmdulilah I’m so glad Is tarted this challenge from Sunday night, I am so tired, lack energy, concentration and my body hurts more than usual.

One Pancake, Half A Banana &Yoghurt
One Pancake, Half A Banana &Yoghurt

had my kiwi/banana/water smoothie, looking forward to my pancake, half banana and yoghurt, a friend of ours is coming to stay , so we will probabley have  the last of the fish soup for lunch and alhmdulilah that will b it

She has invited me to a fundraising dinner tonight,inshallah i’m having a naughty 24 hours of eating what I want then including some things I’ve learnt from this week ; less eat less, smaller plates, smaller portions and ask my mum to help me plan what I’m going to eat for the week inshallah


Live below the line, day 4 REFLECTION

Day 4 of living on one pound a day for food and drink, no tea , no coffees, nothing fried, nothing sweet, truthfully its not nice, and inshallah I’m so glad that tomorrow is the last day, so glad I started the night before and looking forward to a fundraising dinner tomorrow night, inshallah, it has made me realize how being extremely poor (not these fat people on benefits who eat takeaway every night, that’s not poor) anything nice is a treat, it would be great to make fried pakoras when we do FEED THE NEED, grated carrot, courgettes and onions, in chickpea batter and fried, inshallah they will go down a treat.

In the western world, some people lack cooking skills and some are just lazy, some need help because they are disabled , that’s different,  some are just slaves to junk and over consumption of food that’s expensive and makes them more ill. Everybody should take this challenge and it would affect people in different way;some it would make more reflective  some think about how to economize more and be more frugal yet healthy, some it would kick start them on eating smaller portions and so on but I think all politicians should be made to do this and no cheating.

If you think you are man enough to do this challenge, please sign up to the following link


LIVE BELOW THE LINE, DAY 4 Lunch & Supper,Salmon and Nettle soup

This LIVE BELOW THE LINE is a team effort from Karimah Cuisina’s members and VIP volunteers, this recipe comes from an idea from one of our older, wiser mature members, she reminded us of the fish heads that we buy in White chapel market  in the east  end of London.  A pound a day in the UK is not really enough for optimum nutrition so we decide to go foraging for nettle, dandelions and anything we could get at this time of year.

Salmon & Nettle Soup
Salmon & Nettle Soup

With a bit more research we found that salmon and nettle soup was something the American Indians use to and still eat, so we knew we were on the right track.

Nettle are packed with iron and vitamin c and are still free from the clutches of most major supermarkets, so go out and get yours. You will need gardening gloves or rubber gloves, to be used right up until the point they go into the pot, after that it’s all plain sailing and they are just like spinach.

Salmon and nettle soup 3 portions , this not a great soup the next day.

Fish head 50p

2oo g carrot 10p

400g potatoes 19p

250g onions 7p

Dry herbs, salt and pepper 9p

2 cloves garlic 3p

10ml vegetable oil 2p



  • Vegetable oil
  • water
  • 1 salmon head and fileted body and tail, 50p, the fishmonger has taken eh filets off and you get left with the rest
  • 250 g  7p Onions chopped
  • 2 cloves of Garlic, 3p crushed and left for 1-3 minutes to oxidize and get full benefits
  • 200g carrots 20p
  • 400g Potatoes 19p
  • 3 cups washed drained and chopped Nettles
  • 1 tea spoon of either Dill, tarragon, chervil, mixed herbs 3p
  • 1 tea spoon Sea salt 3p
  • 1 tea spoon pepper or 1  small red scotch bonnet pepper  for extra heat3p
  • 3 litres of water, from tap or filtered


  • Soak fish , spine and tail in a large bowl of salty water for 15 minutes at least, then rinse and drain
  • In a large pot at oil, chopped onion and garlic and fry till golden, add fish, salt and pepper/scotch bonnet and  water , bring to boil
  • Then turn down low and cook for 30 minutes
  • Take off heat and use colander to pour fish stock, that’s the soup, into another clean large saucepan
  • Leave the fish head, spine and bones to cool down, save scotch bonnet pepper if you can find it.
  • When the fish is cool, take the flesh off the fish head and spine and place in clean bowl, some people like to eat the eyes.
  • The new saucepan of fish stock place on stove and turn heat on medium
  • Wash peel and chop carrots and potatoes and add to heat fish stock
  • Add herbs spices  and scotch bonnet pepper back into soup
  • Bring to boil then turn down medium /low heat for 20 minutes covered
  • After 20 minutes, add the chopped stinging nettles and cooked covered for a further 1o minutes
  • Then test to make sure veggies are reasonably soft but certainly not falling apart
  • Take out a few of the potatoes, smash them and add back into soup and stir, this will give the soup some thickness
  • There you have it a cheap tasty soup.


LIVE BELOW THE LINE, Day 4, breakfast

When you are used to eating healthy, this LIVE BELOW THE LINE is a real challenge.

However it makes you think, I thank the Most High Creator, Allah, Gd, for those of us at Karimahs Cuisina and MADEin Europe,Islam channel,. Eco Muslim and Meriemme’s sistar, the will power to take this challenge and persevere till the end inshallah.

If anyone thinks its a piece of cake….sorry darling its not.

In Islam we believe that there are 2 appetites  the appetite of the stomach and the appetite of the sexual desire, you are truly blessed if you can master both of them.

Fed up with the starchy carbohydrates we decide to up the anti with fruits and veg as you have seen from recent posts.

Kiwi & Banana Smoothie
Kiwi & Banana Smoothie

Today’s offering is  a kiwi and banana smoothie, using half of the banana  and a kiwi with water blended  banana naturally add creaminess to anything, its not Innocence and its not like it  usually ones we drink but it will give our system a much needed  boost of vitamins and mineral to get things going. My gums are not feeling great and another one of our sisters is really getting tired.I noticed the last few days the hay fever symptoms coming on and they desperately need vitamin C to combat them, as vitamin C works as an  anti histamine  that means, strawberries, kiwis, oranges etc, which we can’t get as part of this challenge as fruit would take up too much of the cost and we are not drinking that concentrated rubbish just like the  GMO corn contained in vitamin C tablets.

One Pancake, Half A Banana &Yoghurt
One Pancake, Half A Banana &Yoghurt

Less starchy carbohydrates and more simple sugar carbohydrates like fruits, means 1 pancake, the other half of the banana and yoghurt still, for the much need bacteria that are created by fermenting milk.

Not having enough food affect concentration and depriving the masses of sufficient nutrition is one way of controlling people, on the other hand there are people in the western world that are more than clinical obese, you would be surprised at what you may think is chubby is actually medically obese…………hmmmmm.

There is still time to get involved in this challenge  you can do you 5 days between now and the end of June, if you are man enough remember in Arabic man includes woman as well) if you are man enough, then see this link and sign up.



Curried beans, Cucumber and Wild Garlic Salad and Pancake
Curried beans, Cucumber and Wild Garlic Salad and Pancake

Today was a day where plans went out the window slightly because  we forgot to make the fish stock before we went out foraging, so that good ole stand by, curried beans came in handy, with wild garlic and cucumber salad and pancakes  well it filed a while and hopefully did some good, but i know we are more tired than usual, alhmdulilah  praise the Creator,  probably keeping us out of some trouble inshallah





Well, here we are at day 3 and this is the crux where forward planning would have helped some of us right now. I take a leaf  from superstar life coach, Saiyyidah Zaidi, who also stresses , “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail “.


Today was supposed to be fish soup day, salmon and stinging nettles, sounds glamorous, but it’s really boiled fish heads, with carrot and potato, bumped up with some greens from stinging nettles, it’s actually American Indian frontier style recipes. The thing we find on this one pound a day thing, is that you can’t season your food as well as you would if you had more money. 

We decided to go foraging for the nettles and while we were out we found wild garlic and dandelions as well, alhmdulilah, praise the creator.

It helps when you go foraging to have fotos in your phone of things that are safe to eat, so hers a few to help you urbanites in future.

All Star Aminah Cutting Dandelion Leaves
All Star Aminah Cutting Dandelion Leaves

Now this is a close up of the plants, do not eat the flowers, the plant is a duirectic, which means it makes you wee more than usual, leaves can be used in salad and the roots are used dried then ground to make a kind of coffee substitute.

Dandelion, Flower&Leaves
Dandelion, Flower&Leaves

Now stinging nettles are great but you need to wear gloves, once cooked or marinated they are a lot like spinach, if you get stung, there are normally dock leafs growing nearby, pick the dockleaf and rub profusely on the stung part of your body

Karimah Hurigah
Karimah Hurigah

One of the Karimah’s Cuisina members told us that “hurigah” is the Maghrebi term for stinging nettles so affectionately calls Karimah, Karimah Hurigah, quite apt really!

foraging may 143 064

Stinging Nettles are the clusters of smaller leaves with serrated edges , not the larger long leaf in the centre

Dock leaves are the Large Long Oval leaves in centre
Dock leaves are the Large Long Oval leaves in Centre

Now  a couple of weeks ago we paid a small fortune for wild garlic at out local stoooshy farmers market.

photo (30)

And today we saw and collected it in its natural habitat, complete with snails and duck down, make sure you wash it when  you get home.

Wild Garlic Leaves in the Wild
Wild Garlic Leaves in the Wild


If you would love to get involved with the LIVE BELOW THE LINE challenge, please see the following link