LIVE BELOW THE LINE, Day 4, breakfast

When you are used to eating healthy, this LIVE BELOW THE LINE is a real challenge.

However it makes you think, I thank the Most High Creator, Allah, Gd, for those of us at Karimahs Cuisina and MADEin Europe,Islam channel,. Eco Muslim and Meriemme’s sistar, the will power to take this challenge and persevere till the end inshallah.

If anyone thinks its a piece of cake….sorry darling its not.

In Islam we believe that there are 2 appetites  the appetite of the stomach and the appetite of the sexual desire, you are truly blessed if you can master both of them.

Fed up with the starchy carbohydrates we decide to up the anti with fruits and veg as you have seen from recent posts.

Kiwi & Banana Smoothie
Kiwi & Banana Smoothie

Today’s offering is  a kiwi and banana smoothie, using half of the banana  and a kiwi with water blended  banana naturally add creaminess to anything, its not Innocence and its not like it  usually ones we drink but it will give our system a much needed  boost of vitamins and mineral to get things going. My gums are not feeling great and another one of our sisters is really getting tired.I noticed the last few days the hay fever symptoms coming on and they desperately need vitamin C to combat them, as vitamin C works as an  anti histamine  that means, strawberries, kiwis, oranges etc, which we can’t get as part of this challenge as fruit would take up too much of the cost and we are not drinking that concentrated rubbish just like the  GMO corn contained in vitamin C tablets.

One Pancake, Half A Banana &Yoghurt
One Pancake, Half A Banana &Yoghurt

Less starchy carbohydrates and more simple sugar carbohydrates like fruits, means 1 pancake, the other half of the banana and yoghurt still, for the much need bacteria that are created by fermenting milk.

Not having enough food affect concentration and depriving the masses of sufficient nutrition is one way of controlling people, on the other hand there are people in the western world that are more than clinical obese, you would be surprised at what you may think is chubby is actually medically obese…………hmmmmm.

There is still time to get involved in this challenge  you can do you 5 days between now and the end of June, if you are man enough remember in Arabic man includes woman as well) if you are man enough, then see this link and sign up.

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