What was really getting to me yesterday was the lack of fresh veggies, then I remembered we had done some plating a few weeks ago and the pea sprouts were coming along nicely.


“You can use food sourced from your garden as long as you can account for the price of production! “

Live Below the Line Day 2 Lunch
Live Below the Line Day 2 Lunch

Peas seed 0.5p each, Earth 5p we got three massive bags from B&Q for a tenner months ago, for an urban gardening project we are doing.

carrots are 12p per 250g,so  carrots are cheaper,

33p nearly Salad. Half salad 16p or less


12p 250g carrots

12 pea sprouts 8p

1/3 can chickpeas 8p you could soak and sprout some

30g raw onion 2p

Lemon juice 3p


Its so cold that I want something hot as well, so I’m going to have curried beans, half of this salad,cut out  the 12p chickpeas and have a bit of olive oil and lemon on the salad instead, a small 3p naan and a dollop of yoghurt inshallah, we have dandelions growing in our gardened as well, wild , so no charge and they will certainly bump up the greens, they are not a weed, they are a medical plant. Just cut them wash them, put them in the salad spinner and Bob’s your uncle, add to salad.

Alhmdulilah I’m a happy bunny now I have my carrots and greens, ready to finish my juz of the Quran, alhmdulilah, where there is a will there is a way when you trust in Allah.

If you would love to get involved with this challenge please click the following link


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  1. Maria Flygare says:

    Hi there! I found this site through Pinterest and Live below the line, but I wanted to know how you made those breads. Please email me the reply.

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