Live below the line, day 4 REFLECTION

Day 4 of living on one pound a day for food and drink, no tea , no coffees, nothing fried, nothing sweet, truthfully its not nice, and inshallah I’m so glad that tomorrow is the last day, so glad I started the night before and looking forward to a fundraising dinner tomorrow night, inshallah, it has made me realize how being extremely poor (not these fat people on benefits who eat takeaway every night, that’s not poor) anything nice is a treat, it would be great to make fried pakoras when we do FEED THE NEED, grated carrot, courgettes and onions, in chickpea batter and fried, inshallah they will go down a treat.

In the western world, some people lack cooking skills and some are just lazy, some need help because they are disabled , that’s different,  some are just slaves to junk and over consumption of food that’s expensive and makes them more ill. Everybody should take this challenge and it would affect people in different way;some it would make more reflective  some think about how to economize more and be more frugal yet healthy, some it would kick start them on eating smaller portions and so on but I think all politicians should be made to do this and no cheating.

If you think you are man enough to do this challenge, please sign up to the following link

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