LIVE BELOW THE LINE, Day 3 breakfast

Having adapted the diet yesterday to include more salad veg, we decided to take it a step further today but no fotos.

We decided to place the kiwi with a cup of water and blend, to make a drink, fruit first  drink, then have the banana and pancake and yoghurt

Banana, pancake yoghurt
Banana, pancake yoghurt

Thinking we might do the kiwi  and half an banana tomorrow, smoothie style and then have  the other half of the banana with  the pancake and yoghurt 30 minutes later, give the fruit a change to work its way through the system

Alhmdulilah the headaches have gone but the tiredness is a definite factor, the lack of concentration.

For a while now I believe the unfair distribution of wealth globally, limited money for the masses to eat on, means that  the majority of people have less than optimum nutrition and are so operating on less their their full potential. They would pose a threat to the people that rule them if they were operating on their full potential. Why don’t leader exhibit wisdom, power and LOVE   and provide for the masses sufficient healthy food.

I think that most people in this this country , especially those living on benefits don’t have the necessary cooking skills to live on a limited income but they also need to have the right mental attitude as well.

Personally I would provide food for people not money, tailor made shopping baskets that meet their health issues and send people in like Karimahs  Cuisina all star teams to teach them how to cook.

If you think you are man enough to live on a pound a day, if you think you are not a slave to your stomach, then you can still register to live on a pound a day challenge by registering on this site

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