Karimahs Qurbani Curry

I am so sorry that I can’t give you the recipe, we were so busy cooking and adapting our usual recipe t hat we had no time for thinking about recipe writing ,we were recipe doing!
Hajj Eid is a really busy time for us as a faith based charity, who regularly feed the homeless and needy healthy food. Needy people are not starving, it is vital like ital that we give them healthy quality food.
Hajj Eid is the culmination of ten days of ritual, where hajj pilgrims visit the holy ancient city of Makka in Saudi Arabic, to tread in the foots steps of the prophet Abraham, who was asked by Allah to sacrifice his own son, Ishmael, when Allah saw his sincerity, he stopped hi and told him the sacrifice could be made with a lamb,
So every year at the end of the ten days pilgrimage of reflecting and fasting and seeking repentance for sins, pilgrims and no pilgrims unlike, Muslims all over the world sacrifice lamb if they can afford it
Traditionally a family keeps a third for themselves, gives a third to neighbour and friends and gives a third to charity.

All praise is due to Allah for the good deeds we have been doing, feeding the poor and needy, that we are now given third or meat or even whole lambs, it is an honour and privilege.
This Eid so far, we took beautifully roasted lamb, marinated with Belazu smoked rose petals harissa and brown rice with spices and veggies to the Muslim brothers and others in the men hostel last week and last night we took mild potato and curried lamb to Grenfell victims and survivors, Grenfell volunteers at The Village in Portobello and our usual Muslim brothers and others at the hostel.
It is vital like ital to feed needy people quality healthy food , I see too much cheap white flour sugar and rice given to the poor and needy, this is not Islamic, it’s not halal and Tayyib , lawful and wholesome.
May Allah guide us to be more holistic and generous ameen

feed the need hajj 2017 qurbani

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