Hmmmmmm, where do I start, I’m feeling tired, headache, probably some de-tox reaction going on from not having my daily one cup of coffee after breakfast. I also know the tiredness is because I’m not having my usual fruit and vegetation start to the day 

As I moozied through yesterdays beans in assorted flavors and refine carbs and  yoghurt, I realized that I seriously need to up the anti with green plants in this meager diet.

Less Refined Carbs, More Fruit

Today is another day. After doing Islam Channel , Living The Life , last night, with Na’eem and Rahim, I realized that some people just think about the money and some just think about “how much stuff can I get with  this money so I will be full”. On that thought and thinking of way to combat my acidic stomach I decided to cut down on refine carbs and up the anti with plant based foods, so this morning breakfast is one less pancake and the addition of a lovely green kiwi, packed with vitamin c and great of the eyes.


1 pancake 8p

1 kiwi    10p

1 banana 7p

Yoghurt 8p

Total 33p

My stomach still feels acidic, this is such a break from my normal healthy start of water, herb tea a with honey, green fruit and veg juice, then brunch.

The one pound a day is unhealthy because you do not get your five a day on this money.

There is still time to sign up for this challenge, please see link below

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