by Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim chaplain & well being writer

Over the next few weeks, months we will be taking this to another level, from a talk I was scheduled to give with Mercy Mission at Excel. Through this wonderful medium of technology I’ll share the new and improved lecture notes inshallah.

We will be calling this Queens of Cuisina, because good Islamic well being, mental , emotional and spiritual health is related to  good healthy Islamic eating.

•We would need a series of lectures to really cover women role as Muslimah in 21st century, through lack of knowledge, there are many misconceptions about the characteristics of the women of the Sahaba, this is sometimes confused with cultural fantasy rather than reality.  

•However we must make it our duty to ask Allah to make it easy for us to research and study and share the information find on these amazing women, ameen 

One things is for sure, Muslim women are going to have to have , learn , acquire, change improve, to get a more diverse, dynamic Islamic portfolio of skills to positively go forward in the next millennium

Take this athlete for example, this practicing Muslim woman, do you think she eats junk every day? Of course not.

Hijaabi Archer, courtesy LIFE Magazine

As Muslims we cannot marginalize her – she is practicing, she is disciplined, she is healthy mashallah.

We cannot excuse our fatness, our over indulgence in luxurious foods ,our lack of exercise by counter positioning ourselves  against her but we can make excuses about our lack of healthy living positioning ourselves against Hollywood celebrities because they are not on the deen, but as I have said many time before, if you gave those girls what Allah has give you, deen combined with their Islamic attitude to healthy living , they would be flying 

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