Have What You Body Needs First Then What You Want

 by Karimah bint Dawoud, muslim chaplain& well being writer

As I was lying in bed thinking about that pecan and almond butter pastry I had bought yesterday, deliberating whether to have it or not. I am not praying at the moment and for this reason, this time of the month, I could easily justify this binge, this act of urban luxury decadence and then my logical sensible non hormonal brain kicked in, you know the one, the more Islamic one and said …..”have what your body needs first then what you want.”

Herbal tea

I had fruit salad in the fridge from yesterday so there was no excuse, let’s stick to the to routine of water and honey, fruits or juice, then egg or dhaal or good cereal ,its  a mental struggle, its not easy and its a lot easier to just give in to your naffs, your lower nature and eat what you like. Why not? Whose stopping you?

The other day I was watching super size versus super skinny and the obese women I saw all started off just eating what they wanted, when they wanted. Even getting up at 2 o’ clock in the morning to binge on cornflakes, cream, sugar and sweets.

……..I can always have the pastry for 11’s elevenses……..it’s a British  tradition to stop midmorning, eleven o clock, for a sweet snack  and tea or coffee. It seems originally to have been a lower-class usage, but by the middle of the twentieth century was associated with middle class language and culture.

It’s not essential to have cake and tea every morning at this time unless you have done a hard morning work and that means physical work, like cleaning the bathroom, stairs, hoovering, gardening, you know that sort of thing and have more hard work ahead of you. Ask yourself do you really deserve a piece of cake every day, who do you think you are?  the French princess Marie Antoinette, who supposedly said  “Let them eat cake!” when she found out the peasants were starving and had no bread…….hmmmm.

A few dates or dried fruits and herbal tea are a good pick me up and less calories, more vitamins and minerals.


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