The Farmer Market

The Farmer Market, by Karimah bint Dawoud, muslim chaplain& well being writer.

I am a country girl at heart that has been urbanized, but praise God, not to the point of no return. I have foodie friends and one such honey, who regularly, come rain or shine, goes to our local farmers market. She has invited me many times and today I decided to tag along. The brilliant sunshine belaying the icy crispness of the air and the brave people who weather this, week in and week out to do the stalls.

English Honey

It  was great, I loved  it, with my trolley and my camera in familiar surroundings, I bought organic leaves that I was allowed to eat first and  met a wonderful man called Nathan, the sales manager for WildCo. My leaves have already formed my lunch, I bought veggies like organic seasonal artichoke and carrots that have formed my seasonal soup dish.Recipes coming soon inshallah.

Every thing is fresh from the fields, mashallah and British. I went out with £20 that I had be keeping all week, resisting the urge to buy in trendy Portobello from that market, as I had bought raspberries from there before only to find out when I got home they were from America …all that travelling ,yuk!

So  trolley full of leaves , carrots and artichokes, I was presented with a vision of English honey…as you know I love honey and as  I currently reside in the UK, it’s honey is the best.   It is a theory that where ever you are, the surrounding environment and plants contain the sures for any illnesses you get while in that area, its a theory I believe in. Bees are held in high regards in Islam, there is even a chapter in the Quran called The Bees.It is known that bees only and naturally gravitate to what is good.

Farmer Food

It was a really nice vibe and some of the stall holders knew each other, nudging me along to meet new producers.There were organic free range eggs for £1.50 and all the cheese was vegetarian. The producer kindly told me that on a business level its works out more expensive to buy animal rennet, which is an enzyme for the stomach of baby cows that makes cheese non vegetarian.

The Glastonbury Cheese Man

There was a Muslim sister selling Somali samosas and I have to say Somali samosas because the pastry is handmade.It’s not filo from a packet, it’s actually time takingly made by hand. I bought some love falafels from her, the Spice Caravan.

I managed to spend all of my £20 and came home like a little rabbit with a trolley full of carrots, leaves, honey and cheese, something out of Beatrix Potter tale…no just another day at the farmer market

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