Know Yourself – The book review by Karimah bint Dawoud

Know Yourself  by Alexander Carberry

Know Yourself by Alex Carberry


As  truth seekers we have been guided in the Holy Teaching to know ourselves. One way is to look at the name and attributes of Teh Creator and meditate on these attribute and to look inward to see how these qualities manifest in the self, this is a big peace of work as  The Creator has at least 99 beautiful names.

As the glimmers of light burst out from between the cracks and connect with who we are, there is some times  still , inner insecurity of how we are in relation to other people. I was really struggling, in one of my low points I was guided to Alexandra Carberry and his book of gems.

The book “Know Yourself” is one of those friendly books a bit like  holiday makers useful language book, you can put it in your pocket a and skip off on your merry way knowing that inside you will find morsels to sustain you through difficult and trying situations.

Personally the theory of this book compliments my knowledge of Islamic Medicine and my knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine, knowing that there various types of human beings, the types being relative to the physical temperament of our bodies. For example and excess of heat or moisture  in the liver or the lack of it will produce a particular temperament in people. That temperament not just manifesting in the physical biological way but that temperament also in a mental and spiritual way.

Islamic medicine deals with the four humors; black bile, yellow, bile, phlegm and  blood and so does the knowledge of self. It also corresponds to the seasons, not so much in an astrology was but in the temperament of the season, regardless of what season you were born in. There is  and should be in all things balance.

Reading this book has affirmed that it’s OK to be me; critical organized  thinker, control freak perfectionist who loves things done well and it warns of the downfalls of my particular type.

This book has also enabled me to start accepting that there are other types who do things differently to me but not necessarily wrong in terms of sinful and what their strengths are.

Because  of our lack of knowledge of self, we do not know others well either. We sometime try to compete with others over things that are and will never be our strengths, our arrogance and ignorance makes us never concede that we are not good at certain things without recognizing that our strengths are different but have just as much value as the strengths of others we envy.

I need to read this book again and again and again and recommend it to everyone on the planet so we all start getting our fingers out and doing a bit more work on self inshallah, this will produce peaceful and produce communities inshallah and a better world to live in for all ameen

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