As salam alaikum honeys, bunnies and lions,

As some of you know we have a project called FEED THE NEED  which we have had to rename FEED THE NEED LONDON because since we set it up, more and more project globally choose to call themselves FEED THE NEED  alhmdulilah.

My name’s Karimah bint Dawoud and I’m an award winning cook book writer and qualified clinical nutritionist. I decided to use my talents and  mobilise others to seek Allah’s pleasure by feeding those in need.

heavenly bites gourmand award

We have been providing healthy halal and vegan food to homeless and needy for over 7 years, alhmdulilah maasha’ Allah.

Feeding the needy is a noble good deed that Allah instructs us to do via the Quran, the sacred book of islam that was revealed in Saudi Arabia over 1400 years ago.

Allah tells us,

(The righteous are those) who feed the poor, the orphan and the captive for the love of God, saying: ‘We feed you for the sake of God Alone; we seek from you neither reward nor thanks.” –  Quran, 76:8-9

We are based on the border of  Westminster , Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and  Brent.

Almost 2 years ago Grenfell Fire struck at the heart of our community. It is personal to our organisation as one of our volunteers lost 4 members of her immediate family in the fire. One of the deceased had told her a few months ago that she wanted ” to be like auntie karimah when she grew up, she gives food to poor people.”

We provided health halal food aid to the victims in the hotels, the village, latimer city and the curve as well as our ongoing work to hostels in northwest london and Charing Cross on the street.

We believed that the longevity of our project is because we have been steadfast in cooking and delivering quality healthy halal and vegan food and clothes and sleeping bags. We are inspired by this Allah’s direction to us in the Quran.


“O ye who believe! Give of the good things which ye have (honourably) earned, and of the fruits of the earth which We have produced for you, and do not even aim at getting anything which is bad, in order that out of it ye may give away something, when ye yourselves would not receive it except with closed eyes.And know that Allah is Free of all wants, and worthy of all praise. (Surah Al-Baqara, 267)

Throughout Grenfell we  were offered community kitchens to cook but after praying salatul istikhara we saw things that were not suitable to our ethos, which is guided by The Quran and Sunnah.

Alhamdulilah a few weeks ago we have a break through and were offered the use of a kitchen, that although it has a few things that need to be tweaked , meets our needs. It passed the salat ul isitkahara test, alhmdulilah

bay 20

In the base of Grenfell Tower was a gym, a boxing gym called Dales . BBC have a TV programme called DIY SOS who offered to turn a vacant bay under the Westway motorway, into a new home for the gym and a community cafe. The cafe is beautiful open and airy. It has two induction hob cookers and this is where we need your help. We need to buy 16″ induction pots, these are the biggest size we can use that fit into the sink which is not quite community kitchen size.

In shaa Allah it is our intention to use this kitchen to prepare food to take out to hostel while engaging the local community to come and help prepare the food and or come and eat when its finished white we are packing to go and out and before we cleared up. 

In shaa Allah we will combat isolation and those that are hungry in the home as well as teach how to cook healthy halal, vegan and on a budget recipes

These pots are £48  via Ebay, they are stainless steel induction pots. There is no storage in Bay 20, so we need to transport everything to and from the venue. We need to buy lightweight colanders, cutting boards and need money for printing to publicise the project.

We are getting the first couple of months free and after that we need to pay the landlord, The Westway £200 for a 9 am-7pm day as they need to staff the premises.

I would love to conclude by this hadith reminder

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Take up good deeds only as much as you are able, for the best deeds are those done regularly even if they are few.”

Source: Sunan Ibn Mājah 4240

Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Albani

There is a need for more projects like this in the UK as people on benefits struggle to make ends meet on the meagre hand out they are given by the governments, passed  and present. They are taught to drown their sorrows  with alcohol ,drugs and illicit sex instead of praying to Allah. it is shame  but nothing last forever alhmdulilah.






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