By Karimah Bint Dawoud, award winning cook book writer ” Heavenly Bites, the best of Muslim home cooking ” published by Kube.

Karimah’s Chicken Curry 

It’s really worth taking time out n trying new ways to make curry
This was a great experiment that you can serve cold inside little gem lettuce leaves or hot with brown rice.

chicken wings leaves
Chicken marinade
• 1 lb/500 grammes chicken, asked the butcher to cut into curry pieces, we used wings instead.
• 2 tbsps. /30ml fresh chopped garlic/ginger each
• 1 tbsps. /15ml red chili powder
• 1 tbsp. turmeric powder
• Salt

• 2 tbsps/30ml . grated coconut flour
• 1 cup water
• 1 tbp/15ml sesame seeds
• 1 tbp/15ml . cumin seeds
• 1 tbp/15ml . coriander seeds
• 10 peppercorns seeds
• 1 stick cinnamon (12 inch)
• 7 cloves

• 2 tbsps. /30ml vegetable oil
• 3 fresh green chilies
• 3 bay leaves
• 3 medium onion (chopped fine)
• 350 g fresh tomatoes OR
• 1 x 345 ml tin, usual size tinned tomatoes.


• Mix the chopped ginger-garlic, turmeric powder, salt, and 1 tablespoon of the red chili powder.
• Rob over chicken pieces and set aside while you prepare the roasted
• Heat heavy frying pan/cast iron skillet until its smoking. Turn the heat down.
• Add all seeds and stir; you will need to put some mesh cover over pans and sesame pop and jump out. Roast till they release aroma smell, its lovely.
• Turn heat off and leave to cool down, and then grind by hand or in blender with coconut flour. Set aside.
• Back to our heavy bottomed pan, add vegetable oil. On medium heat add bay leaves and chilies to infuse oil with flour then add chopped onions.
• Fry onions till golden and softened then oil chicken pieces
• Cook chicken for 5 minutes on each side then turning do they don’t burn
• Add 2 tbsp /30ml of seed spice masala mix and put the rest in jar for next time or give it to a sister like we did. Stir in, so all meat is covered.
• Add chopped tinned tomatoes and water, stir
• Turn heat up and bring to boil the turn down low and cover for 45mnutes
• You can add potatoes and boiled eggs if you wish.
• As any curry connoisseur knows, curry is better than next day, if you can wait till them serve with brown rice and carrot, beetroot and onion salsa.
• Organic halal chicken…because we’re worth it, all praise is due to the Creator of the heavens and earth and everything in between.



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