Zam Zam Water


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I have been really sick with flu over the last few days. As a nutritionist this is challenge. When I first embraced Islam over 17 years ago I read many books and now find that hadith I read are not available online so I am asking for a little trust please.
Prophet Muhammad, salah laa alaihi wa salem) said “Fight the cold as if you are fighting a war”.
I have been eating white figs which have calmed down my cough and yesterday started to drink ZamZam water.
It’s traditionally to recite Surat al faatihah over it, make request prayers and then drink it.
Like many Muslims I have Zam Zam water in the fridge for emergencies, but what constitutes and emergency? Near death and by that time it may be too late.


17 Proven Health Benefits of ZamZam Water
‘Aa’ishah, the young intelligent wife of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) reported that she took Zamzam water home with her in bottles, and said, “The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) took some of it away with him, and he used to pour it on the sick and give it to them to drink.” (Reported by al-Tirmidhi, 4/37).
The well of ZamZam is located in Mecca, the heart of Islam as civilization. The well is 35 metres deep and the top is decorated with a beautiful dome as a sign of respect.
ZamZam water is traditionally and medically beneficial for everyone. Traditionally, this water has a high historical value especially for Muslims who believe in Islam religion. Besides that, from a medical point of view, ZamZam water is believed to have unique substances that differ itself from other source of water. Some of the health benefits of ZamZam water are:
1. ZamZam Water Contain Anti-Bacteria Substance
2. High Concentration of Calcium
3. ZamZam Water Cures Illness
4. Unique Crystal Structure
5. Strengthen Human Cells
6. ZamZam Helps Diet
7. Increase Fitness
8. Maintains Clear Vision
9. Abundant With Minerals
10. Contain Positive Energy
11. Free From Contamination
12. Helps To Maintain Clean Body
13. Rejuvenating Drink.
14. Increase Stamina
15. Completes Your Body
16. ZamZam Cures Headache
17. Helps To Grow Healthier Bone

zam zam ibn al qayyim water
Due to its abundant of calcium substance in ZamZam water, it brings good effect on human body, especially bones as the mineral in ZamZam water will be well-absorbed by the bones in our body.
ZamZam water has been drunk by millions if not billions of people who travelled to hajj pilgrimage and other people who get the chance to drink it. Billions people have experienced the greatness and the health benefits of ZamZam water, these facts are truly magnificent and hard to imagine that one simple water from a centuries-old well in Makkah have so many health benefits for the humanity and the society.
ZamZam water brings so many health benefits for our body, and it helps to quench thirst and satisfy hunger altogether. Not only that, it also helps to cure chronic illness such as diabetes, eyes-related disorder, crimson ulcer, headache and the list goes on. This is due to the fact that ZamZam water has so many minerals that are needed by the body that we could not get from other sources. Other water sources do not have as many minerals as ZamZam water contains; hence ZamZam water brings so many health benefits for the body.

zam zam arabic text

How to Get Its Benefits
To enjoy the health benefits of ZamZam water, you should drink more ZamZam water more often. Regular intake of ZamZam water will make the results more apparent compared to an occasional drink of ZamZam water. Regular intake will also help to maintain your body fitness and increase stamina. Not only that, if you have any illness or you are sick, ZamZam water will help you to recover and cure your illness. ZamZam water is indeed beneficial for our health, as has been concluded by several well-known scientists from all over the world.
It is possible to add ZamZam water to regular bottled water and still obtain the benefits of the water

Most of the above information was taken from the following website which actually expands on all the points given


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