Water is mentioned over 100 times in the Quran, more than any other nutrient. It is the most important nutrient apart from air

“And He who sends down (from time to time) water from the sky in due measure, and We raise to life therewith a land that is dead. Even so will you be raised (from the dead).”
Al-Qur’an chapter 43.verse 11

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It is no co incidence that 70%of the earth is covered in water and the human body is composed of almost 70% water.
Are you drinking enough?


Water as a liquid is made up of 2 gases Hydrogen and Oxygen. 
Our bodies need more than these two gases for optimum nutrition.
We need the minerals like iron that is absorbed into the water as its runs across certain stones orcas it sits in a well or Spring 


Ask anyone with great skin what’s their secret and they will tell you that they drink loads of water.
It detoxes your system and hydrates cells from the macro to micro levels…. If your cell walls are dry your skin won’t glow.
Many skin products we buy contain large quantities of water and beneficial oils to hydrate the skin.
It’s important what you use on your skin and it’s important how you nourish the skin from the inside out from the outside in… Water
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As a nutritionist I consult women with fertility issues. One of the biggest issues I see in the nutrition of these women and their husbands is they don’t drink enough water. Often they don’t eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables and they need to drink more water.
One woman I know won’t drink too much in case she has to go to a public toilet when she’s outside in case its not clean….. Seriously when you have children you need to get over these immaturities and grow up. Sexual fluid includes water… What kind of dry bone sperm and dry bone womb is hoping to nurture healthy children? Water is vital like Ital for life.

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