The Karimah Procedure- Warrior Stance

“She believed in the impossible and, for that reason, won a battle that everyone, including myself, considered to be lost. That is what marks out the warrior: the knowledge that willpower and courage are not the same thing. Courage can attract fear and adulation, but will power requires patience and commitment.”

Aleph,Paul Coelho

Warrior Stance
Warrior Stance


As a woman, it is at times imporant to step outside the social constraints of the status quo socoiety.

For example I was in a shop yesterday and some gel head young man asked me when I was paying did I have a store points card, I politely said “No thank you”.

He went to on to ask me why I didnt have one and did  Iwant one.

I told him” Just take the money.”

Some people would think this is rude, however if a person is not able to comprend that “No thank you ” is different form ” No” then its is important to make it clear that we are not inviting anything esle except the exchange of goods and money and its time like these that we have to step out of pretty in pink.

The way of the warrior is a way that is open to male and female, it is first and foremost a battle with the self, while embracing faith hope and charity.

Finally this poster is significantly super.

Good and Evil
Good and Evil

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