Some mornings it’s really hard to stick to your routine, mine is water with lemon , then herbal tea and honey, exercise, then fruit or smoothie. We have to understand that it is a struggle between our lower nature connected to gravity that seeks to bring us down(sabotage) and our higher nature that seeks to elevate us and lift us up.

Morning Has Broken
Morning Has Broken

Personally I have not got to that stage in my life , where I get out of bed and think “Whoopee water and lemon juice” but deep down I know it does us good. An adage that I would love to be associated with my person is “it’s not about that you like, it’s about what does you good”.

The tongue is our sensory organ that is receptive to taste and sends messages to the brain of pleasure when we eat certain foods, food that sometimes are associated with emotionally memories like ice cream.
We used to eat ice cream when we were little, when we were good, with family, in the sunshine, by the sea ,on happy occasions, its full of nostalgic happy memories which is why some of us eat it when we are sad, unhappy, on a cold , grey day alone in our flat.
Similar associations with cake, particularly with certain age groups because when were younger cake wasn’t so freely available as now. It was a treat and nice cake, which is homemade cake, was made for special occasions, loaded with happiness and nice clothes and friends and family and fun. These memories we associate with food are powerful triggers that subliminally kick in when we are feeling even a tiny bit low.Some time we confuse this physical low with an emotional low and vice versa and some times it a bit of both.We need to b reflective and learn to identify these feelings.
When we wake up tired we are feeling a bit low, we have just been” wakened from the dead” as we say in Islam. However we are now grown up, we are not little kids and we have been given the ability to think and be sensible. Water is a conductor of electricity and we need that boost as we wake up. We are not talking water in a nice strong coffee on an empty unless you are cultivating the desire for stomach cancer in the future. We are talking plain water or water with lemon or infused water, something natural with soft gentle stimulants like fruit not coffee.
So let’s keep fighting the good fight and have coffee and cake later, after we started good, done our exercises, had our fruit or smoothie, etc. What starts good ends good.
I hate extremes in anything, Islam is religion of the middle way and if we are too stringent in our regulation of food consumption, we will often binge on junk given the first opportunity. So we can have cake and ice cream once in a while, at least one a t week, but not first thing in the morning, lets overcome the need to sabotage our mind body and soul and doesn’t it feel so good, when people say you look good and your know your discipline and the ability to deny those lower urges, has got you to this amazing point in your life, Alhamdulillah, praise God 🙂

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