Food Combining, Goodie Two Shoes Smoothie

Fruit Smoothies In Transition

By Karimah Bint Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain &  Wellbeing Writer

Fruit Smoothie - Its better not to mix fruit & veggies
Fruit Smoothie – Its better not to mix fruit & veggies

steps to better health is a journey a transition process, if need be it has to be drastic but the rest of us it can be a smooth subtle evolution in consciousness to change our lifestyle including our taste buds to something better and more truthfully refine, I don’t have time right now to break this down so I’m just going to give you the recipes and the food combining chart. This smoothie is not ideal but nearly


1 cup of fresh strawberries washed, green tops of and chopped

1 banana, washed peel and chopped

3 kiwis washed peeled and chopped


Combine in blender with 1 cup of filtered water and blitz for 1 minute

A smoothie that is great for boosting immune system, great for combatting those overactive histamines that cause allergies and hay fever. Enjoy.

Food Combining Chart
Food Combining Chart

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