More than Muesli

 As I was wondering what to do with an excess of yoghurt in my fridge  and my pledge to only eat meat once a week, I starting thinking “OK, oat bran, yoghurt, apples, black berries….hold on a minute  this is starting to sound like Bircher Muesli !”

More Than Muesli
More Than Muesli

 Having spent  many years  in the home of muesli, when I  was based in Switzerland , working as a fashion model in Munich, Rome and Paris, we used to eat muesli any time.

In Switzerland the muesli is something else, it’s made the night before and left to flavoury fuse together, its all pink where the black berry juices have blended with the yoghurt oats, since leaving Switzerland  and becoming more infused myself, with my spices, I now add haldi, zanjiabal and cinnamon to our muesli at Karimah’s Cuisina.

So brunch tomorrow will be Bircher Muesli and if you don’t know how to make it, the recipes is in my book, Heavenly Bites, The Best Of Muslim Home Cooking. This is a great recipe for Ramadhan to eat a the suhour time, before we pray fajr, morning prayer and begin our daily fast.

A CLUE……….

The Ingredients.

Oatbran…high in soluble fibre, great for those with cholesterol and its good for lowering blood sugar, so great for diabetics.

Oats…slow releasing energy  and great for the nerves

Yoghurt…better than milk, the bacteria it contains from fermentation compliments the human stomach more

Blackberry…high vitamin C , fibre

Apple…fibre, keeps blood sugar stable

Mixed nuts seeds….protein, omega 3 essential fatty acids, balance body system

Haldi…anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant which means  great for anti-aging, reduces blood clots in blood and reduces plaque in the arteries, this in turn combats risks of strokes.

Zanjibal …anti inflammatory,good for digestion, nausea, diarrhea, eliminates cancerous cells in ovarian cancer and slows down cancerous cell reproduction in bowel cancer

Cinnamon…anti inflammatory, reduces arthritis pain, anti-infection properties, affective against some ulcers, regulates blood sugar, food preservative. Good for menstrual cycle and fertility.

Warning; people taking blood thinning medication , should be cautious about using haldi  and  ginger as well as their tablets, personally I would ask my doctor if I could use the spices instead of the tablets, much more easy to control.


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