Hay Fever Smoothie May Improve Your Sex Life

Vitamin C is a natural anti histamine. Histamine is an organic nitrogen compound  that it is involved in the reactions of the body’s immunes system. It is also necessary for good gut function as well as the body’s nervous system. Because of its impact on the nervous system, it is important to have the right balance of histamine to stimulate correct erectile function. It’s a small and mighty compound involved in the magic 23 physiological functions of the body, mashallah.

Hay Fever Smoothie
Hay Fever Smoothie

So why, if it’s a good thing to we need to combat it? Histamine in the nervous system has neurotransmitters that stimulates, interesting, it also has neurons that are suppressive that protect the body against convulsions, super sensitivity and drug sensitization.

As we know it’s all about balance. Human beings are of different bodily not just emotional temperaments and some are more sensitive than others, this sensitivity can be used for the good of humanity but there is a price to pay sometimes when the pollens start to fly, this is where vitamin C comes into play.

In some people, The histamine irritates the upper respiratory tract which then becomes overly sensitive to incoming pollens, dust and other allergens. Good mucous membrane health is vital not only for the respiratory tract but also for the stomach, another mucous membrane.

Inshallah  we are going to get some of the new superfood camu camu from the rainforest, which is super high in vitamin c but for now we will use more easily available fruits to make this super smoothie that will inshallah calm down your reaction to the pollens around right now.


MAKES 750 ML enough for 2 adults large glasses or enough for 1 person to have first thing in morning and then have about 1 hour before magreb/sunset. Magreb, the twilight zone is  when the atmosphere cools and the pollen starts descending, so you need to start drinking before this time on  an reasonable empty stomach for it to kick in, it’s a great aperitif as well, praise the Creator.

2 kiwis

½ pineapple

1 banana

½ litre water


  • wash and peel everything and place in either a jug blender or even use a hand held blender in a high sided glass or plastic container
  • add water and blitz for about 30 seconds to 1 minute

Kiwis are also a super food and contain more vitamin c than oranges, wow! Pineapples as well as containing vitamin c are high in a chemical called bromelin which is a great anti-inflammatory.

Bananas contain large amounts of vitamin B6 which is great for your brain and nervous system, mosquitos hate the taste of it in your blood, they also contain significant amounts of vitamin C, potassium   and fibre. They are great for a sensitive stomach as well as all that fibre good for the your arteries and so good for the heart………………….loving  you for the sake of Allah.

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