Live Below the Line – Something Fishy Going On

by Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim chaplain & well being writer.

While brain storming with Teama Cuisina on Live Below the Line challenge , one of the more mature  sistars came up with a brilliant idea mashallah,

“Why don’t we make soup from salmon heads that are only 50p in the market”

salmon soak

So inshallah this weekend we are having a trail run, if we can keep the cat away from the soaking salmon heads.

While out on the prowl , buying  and now more aware of prices, we notice that in East London things are so much cheaper, mashallah, alhamdulilah.

For example you get about 16 bananas for a pound in the markets in East London , where as  Westside, they are 6 for a pound. Hmmmmmm smells like something fishy is going on.

Cucumbers are 3 for a pound, avocados  are 60p each and those are nice ones, coriander  and parsley are 33p to 50p a bunch in Watney Market on a good day.And the beat goes on…..

Still , some  people are  too stuck up to go to Watney Market, seriously  its their lost, especially when it comes to food and especially when it come to this challenge  Southall is also another great place, full of Asians,full of healthy food, mashallah but as my mechanic says “What if you don’t have the money to go to Southall?” 

Its  fair point !

Look out for the Salmon Soup recipe this week end, inshallah it will be different.

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  1. Gosh, if you can make us a decent fish soup with a legit recipe, I’ll take it! It’ll be crackers and fruit from the market for me!

    1. AS SALAM ALAIKUM, by the grace of ALLAH, with some wisdom and skill, its possible to devise recipes that are healthy, tasty and nutritious, as i keep saying with this challenge , if you fail to plan then you plan to fail, sister i would not advise fruit and crackers for 5 days, you will be missing important food groups like proteins, although we don’t need to eat too much protein, we do need some for energy and tissue repair, watch this space, fish recipe coming soon………………fruits contain lots of natural sugars which are great for short bursts of energy and vitamion and minerals, but short burst of energy not sustained energy, bananas are great for this challege but not for five days, otherwise you might swinging throught the creepers, you would be better with veggies that are fibrous

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