Vegetarian Muslim Food

Karimah bint Dawoud, author of Heavenly  Bites, the best of Mulsim Home Cooking, winner of Arabic cuisine cook book


Well I am not strictly a vegetarian however i am promoting the sunnah that the prophet Muhammad  peace and blessings of Allah didn’t eat very much meat, perhaps only once a a month.

Before embracing Islam I was a Rasta and went through dietary stages of being pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan, more for  health reason rather  than being sensitive about animals begin killed though very much aware that it takes loads of vegetation for feed animals for meat and that grain etc  could feed a lot more humans

A couple of recipes, one a new take on an old one, cooked vegetarian lasagne

Cooked Veggie Lasagna
Cooked Veggie Lasagna

And a new one from my friend Chandrika, the manger of Meanwhile Gardens; matter paneer cheese and peas curry with a healthy twist, more peas ans less oil.

Mater Paneer Cheese & Peas Curry
Mater Paneer Cheese & Peas Curry

Recipes coming soon, just a bit tired right now so tempting you with fotos xxx

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