By Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim chaplain & well being writer.

As foreigners , particularly those of us of Asian and African descent,(that’s all of us really)  we don’t eat all this spicy food just for the fun of it, just for the taste. In places where there are no pharmacies, and no doctor, then  food is prevention and cure.

Berbere Beans
Berbere Beans

Today is one of those days, I can feel some virus trying to take over my system, bad headache , more mucus in my nasal throat cavity than is normal, a few spots eruptions on my normally clear skin………..hmmmm time to get out the big guns……berbere.

Berbere (Amharic: በርበሬ berberēTigrinya: በርበረ berbere) is a spice mixture whose constituent elements usually include chili peppersgarlicginger, dried basilkorarimarue, white and black pepper and fenugreek.[1][2] It serves as a key ingredient in the cuisines of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

These spices are soaked in tejj, a honey wine and left in the sun for the alcohol to evaporate off and soaked again, this process is repeated three times….how do I know? I used to be a waitress in an Ethiopian restaurant .This spice is great mixed with pulses and is especially good when you feel a head or stomach cold coming on….It will certainly make your nose run and get the blood following, encouraging the the toxins and virus to get out because they are unwanted. Abstain from meat and diary for at least a few days  and insha’allah this virus will move on to a more toxic habitat.

Keep up the vitamin C, loads of kiwi fruits and papaya, strawberries and oranges and every little thing gonna be alright

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