NO MEAT 365 Day 2


Day 2

By Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim chaplain & wellbeing writer

Sushi Salmon Greens
Sushi SalEens

For those of you who read the first blog post about NO MEAT FOR 365, you will remember that I didn’t exclude fish from my new diet. Please remember that I have been eating meat for the last 12 years since I reverted to Islam. Some of you reading this think I’m mad to give up meat, however  I’m already feel better, lighter, slimmer.

Today has been a sushi day, truthfully sushi is quite a lot of faffing for a few morsels of delightful fluffy loviliness.It maybe that we are still new at this but things like marinating shiitake mushroom means a marinade with over 12 ingredients, eat your heart out Jamie, but I know he would love it.

Sushi Salmon Shiitake
Sushi  ShiiMon

I was involved in Corriander Wars  today with my local Arab shops , some blatantly taking the micky; 75 p for a small bunch, of course I told them they were taking liberties and they told me to get out! We needed it for the marinade.

To-day has been  good day, alhmdulilah, all praise is due to the Creator.

Planning is a key.

I can see stir-fries with roasted peanuts on the menu this week with leftover sushi veggies.

Or a good suggestion from my BLISS BITES friend; veggie and quinoa soup.

Still early days and it easy to talk a good game. A moment of truth, as I went to the fridge to get the frozen tuna out my hand automatically went for the turkey bacon which I had frozen so we wouldn’t eat off the whole pack, I remember that I am not allowed meat, so it went back in for one of my desperate moments or mum said she wanted to try it. Insha’allah(God willing)

Sushi TuShiiNoki
Sushi TuShiiNoki

We made lovey sushi today using smoked salmon and tuna; sushi is wonderful if you can get your head around raw fish. From one sheet of nori ( seaweed) once it’s filled you get 8 pieces of sushi which are quite filling with a little pickled ginger,on the side. soy sauce and wasabi ( hot radish paste).

 The problem  with “pure” food is when you eat something artificial  you can really taste it, I bought some flavoured rice crackers, they must have something like saccharin in them or some E-numbers because I could really taste it….onwards and upwards insha’allah.

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