The Perfect Porridge

The Perfect Porridge

By Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim chaplain and well-being writer.

Perfect Porridge
Perfect Porridge

As I sip on a tall glass of green juice, even I have to reluctantly admit that summer is over, off on a mission this afternoon to photograph autumn leaves and trees, the days of salad and boiled egg for breakfast are packed away in my box of Turkish delight and porridge days are on the horizon for the next few months.

I was raised on Ready Break, an instant porridge, I didn’t like it much but it was something my busy mum found quick and easy before we left for school. It has no texture and is a bit like baby food.

Having eaten Ready Break, a powdered down version of the real thing, Scotch Porridge Oats, when they, the oats, are cooked right are much better for you in so many ways.

 The trick is to soak the oats overnight and they take no time to cook, and we are talking minutes.

This is how we do it with a few spice queen touches


Per person

½ a handful of oats per person

½ tablespoon of ground flax seed

½ tea spoon of ginger

½ tea spoon turmeric

½ tea spoon cinnamon

½ cup/125 ml of whatever milk you like, we use soya/almond or any nut milk


Mix all ingredients, place in lidded container and leave in fridge over night

Soaking overnight makes the oats swell and softens the flax seeds which are a good source of vitamin d

When you want, place in small sauce pan and cook on medium heat, add more milk if necessary, stir .turn heat down low and cover with lid for 3-5 minutes. Serve with stewed fruits like black berries /strawberries/raspberries, honey or even sprinkle with chocolate powder and nuts.


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