By Karimah bint Dawoud,

As its approaching winter, I remind myself this is the time we put on weight, those lovely comfort foods, loads of starchy carbohydrates to keep those fats reserves in place protecting us from the cold. We need to remember these days we do not live in caves but in houses with heating and in these houses we live a more sedentary lifestyle, so eating loads of starchy carbs is not an option on many levels. 

The shops start stacking up with Christmas goodies soon after Halloween is past, Christmas cakes and mince pies. As convert to Islam from Christianity, Christmas fayre is as part of my culture born, in the UK , that is not easy to overcome, however this was part of how I put on loads of weight and was the turning point to me loosing 12 kilos, praise the Creator.

So now I am on guard, reminding myself that soups are a good thing to eat in the evening, not with loads of bread and potatoes, that sort of soup is good for lunchtime. Have a big meal at lunch and something light a tea and supper time.

Oriental Butternut Soup
Oriental Butternut Soup


Oriental butternut  soup recipe is in my book Heavenly Bites,  a fragrant but hearty soup, seasoned with lemon grass ans ginger, great when you have a stomach cold, mashallah.


Also I needed to pull myself up, too much healthy food can also be an obstacle to losing weight, and smaller portions are needed


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