What can I say but alhmdulilah, all praise is due to the Creator, we had a feast, it could have been more but that would have been decadent and we managed to stay just this side of that. You can’t beat home cook food that is cooked with loving hands from loving hearts, this joint effort from Karimah’s Cuisina Sistars who are all about quality mashallah.

So what was on the menu?

Eid Lamb Feast
Eid Lamb Feast

Mum’s slow cooked roast bayleaf and garlic lamb, succulent but not overly flavoured,retaining the beautiful taste of Eid lamb donated to us by a brothers who we are making dua for his request mashallah.

Roast tatties and parsnips

nigels alters celriac salad, we made it mashallah , not nigel

Beetroot and onion salsa

Brown rice, for the new millenium ; the food of Si -Stars

Quick chicken curry to die for

Mediterranean salad, cant leave you guys out

Brinjal pickle(that’s aubergine to you and )

Lime pickle

 Fresh juice

Eid Lamb Feast Plate
Eid Lamb Feast Plate

Followed by gulabjam and fantasy ice -cream

All I can say is “Sorry” to those who were unable to make it or were not invited, next year inshallah

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