By Karimah Bit Dawoud, Muslim Chaplin & Well Being Writer.
According today’s blog by Muslim Media Watch
“Approx. 60% of Emirati women over 30 unmarried and there are many theories on why this number of single women in the UAE is growing so fast and how to solve this “problem”
One brother on Face book suggested that this maybe that women Emirati women are materialistic, if this were so then most of them would be sat there, married with masking tape over their mouth and married to “fat cat sheikh your monies”, you know those guys you see on YouTube, that go to belly dancing clubs and literally throw their money round.
But they are not! They are single and the growing number of Muslim women all over the world, educated Muslim women that are no longer prepared to put up with the unIslamic abuse some of these men are dishing out.

Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight -100% Passive

Some men are hunters and providers but mediocre Muslims who do not really fear Allah, so the women who want to be with them get what they can as compensation of the ill treatment of their husbands, there are other women like myself, alhamduliah mashallah, who are not materialistic but what we expect in character is not quick in coming so we are the growing 60% who Allah has made Independent or cared for by our families, may Allah reward them ameen, because women are now Islamically more educated than for some time, we are aware of what an Islamic character should be for both men and women not what some sheikh told us it is before we could read.
Islamic character for women is not the stereotypical fantasy bought into by men of all colours and cultures, passive but seductive, doe eyed veiled doormats……this is the fantasy of Turkish Delight adverts and Black Tent movies…….wake up please it’s the 21st century and we can read now alhamduliah.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae-TDctEetU    Famous Turkish Delight advert

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