By Karimah Bint Dawoud, Food Writer & Environmentalist Fashionsita.

Musk Willow  Water
Musk Willow Water

Green is the new black, no not really but following on from this summers freshie green in fashion and interior design, green will still be on the scene for fall and winter inshallah. Hooray because it was one of Prophet Muhammad, peace of Allah be upon him’s favorite colours and its now one of my favorite colors.
Studying my Clinical Nutrition course ,we are studying chakras and energy meridians and all sort of wonderful things I thought I had to discard when I entered Islam nearly 12 years ago, but they are back, I need green , green food, green clothes and a green man please.
My heart chakra is broken.
So I’m off to look for green sunglasses , which I found care of Primarni and fed up with the mediocre Persian food on Edgeware Road I decided to pop in and see one of my old students whose family own the Persian shops near Olympia.

Persian Paradise Olympia
Persian Paradise Olympia

It’s like little Iran down there, twinkling fairy lights in the height of summer and an extravaganza of fruits kiss you in the face as you approach. I needed tarragon, the herb, scrimpily missing from the Sabzi salads in the West End . I was told its expensive that’s why some restaurants think you won’t notice it if they replace it with rocket…are they sure ? Any connoisseur of Persian cuisina knows there is no Sabzi without tarragon.
I was also seduced by the clicking bottles of flavored waters and wanted to try something new. Bored of rose water and orange water , my darling suggested Salix Egyptia ,Musk Willow…oooh now that looks interesting. I have since opened it and it smells divine and so it should because its used in Iran to treat depression, arthritis and nerves. It’s a sedative, an aphrodisiac and good for the heart…..hmmm I feel some mammool date shortbread coming on, dates soaked in Selix Egyptia. I brought some of the best saffron in the world for a fiver and skipped off up the Notting Hill to plan our next culinary creation.

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