Bad Days

 Bad Days , by Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain & Well Being Writer

I would love to share with you a terrible day I had yesterday food wise, pain wise etc.


I woke up tired, very tired and was good , I had fruit juice and then everything went downhill from there.

I had 2 pieces of whole meal bread and a fried egg sandwich and then a coffee and piece of cake, that was kind of the pattern for the rest of the day. The most sensible thing I did was no dinner/supper and I went to bed early instead to catch up on my sleep. I noticed I was eating the junk carbohydrates to replenish my energy but in doing so , the wheat really made my arthritis worst so I was in pain and found it hard to sleep last night.

After some reflection I thought if I crave carbs have what’s good for me and that’s rice, so this morning inshallah I am going to have big breakfast , after my herbal tea and juice I am going to have cooked rice, grilled salmon and stir fried veggies, I had a tough day outside and  probably won’t eat anything  and then come home and binge if I don’t have something big now to keep me going.

I asked Allah to forgive me for not giving my body its rights, I was sabotaging  and abusing my body because I knew what I was eating was not good for me.

Big breakfast, take some fruit with me and soup later inshallah

I wanted to share that I sometimes get  really bad off days. All we have to do is reflect on why we are doing what we are doing and get back on the wagon the next day.

 Needless to say ,the leftover Swiss roll is going out the window for the birds!!!!

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  1. Laura Sultan says:

    Sister, I’m so glad that I found this blog. I need reminding that Allah wants us to take good care of our bodies. Insha’Allah, I will strive to do better by mine. Jazak Allah khair!

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