Lush Lady Boy

by Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain and Well Being Writer.

As a massive fan of Lush natural cosmetics, I was over the moon to get a prize for the best frog jokes on the Lush Westfield page. After many weeks of procrastinating I finally manage to go and pick it up at Westfield.

My prize was made up of two lovely Lush soaps and two fragrances, Karma and Lady Boy.

lush lady boy

Lady Boy is crazy, the first funky banana top notes hit you in the face, when the boy stops screaming  and the fragrance calms, down you get  seaweed, violet, chamomile, labdanum, oak moss middle and  base notes.

A great fragrance for summer as you stroll along those Brazilian  beaches, well more like Jeddah in my case inshallah.

pickin up the prizes

The treatment I had was called The Spell…oooh spooky…not really it was more like counseling therapy with a great foot massage, reflexology thrown in. I had hot stones with aromatherapy oils on my temples and a head massage, all designed to de- tox me inside and out.

I threw my worries away for an hour at least and afterwards felt like I could face anything, including Friday lunchtime Kensington traffic  on the way home.

LUSH- the spa in kings road

We all need to treat ourselves pamper ourselves a bit more and what better way than a trip to Lush,

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  1. jamila says:

    Great to see that you’ve experienced the Lush Spa Karimah : ) I’m fortunate enough to have had all of the treatments apart from the New one – the Lush Soundbath. I’ve never been one to go to spas,always a bit self conscious I suppose. The Lush Spas are nothing like the typical spas that you see in magazine pictures and on TV – no gleaming stainless steel and pristine white walls. Far from having a clinical feel about them it’s like you’ve just popped in to see an old friend : ) Your pre treatment chat takes place in a cosy 40’s – style kitchen setting complete with an old stone sink. The treatment room is gently lit and fragranced by essential oil blends. The therapists that I’ve had have been lovely – just like the shop staff. The treatments really do benefit you as a whole on many different levels,not just the area/s that are targeted in your chosen treatment. Just lovely : D

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