WINTER JUICING TIP by Karimah bitn Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain & Well Being Writer

Personally I am finding really hard to keep up the bright and shiny joyful juicing first thing in the morning, although I have a goal of not putting on any weight this winter, having lost a stone and half, alhmdulilah praise God since January.

The lure of a warm drink and something yummy is almost irresistible, now I know some of you think I am the green goddess, all togged up in my aerobic gear and drinking wheatgrass 24/7 but you are far from the truth.

As I sit here in my LA Gear tracksuit with Asian house dress on top  ansd thick wooley socks I wonder what is going on in my stomach …I had a hot chocolate drink and oat biscuits with peanut butter  then felt and bit guilty and made juice.

I hate getting the juicer out first thing in the morning in the winter, its not easy, so what I did was made enough juice for today and another 2 days and put it in an airtight container and back in the fridge

1 whole cucmber

3 kiwis (that can be juiced with skin on)

1 pineapple

5 sticks of celery

These fruit and vegetables give loads of anti imflammatory vitamins and nutrients as well as immune system boosting goodies, they also introduce enough alkaline pure liquid into your body to neutralise so many acidic baddies we eat  and drink throughout  the day. thinking about it you could take your airtight container out with you and have as  a tea break drink or pre- lunch starter.

Where there’s a will there’s a way and when you drink these sort of pure natural things, there is a tendencey not to follow it with a greasy kebab or fry egg sandwich, inshallah I’ll take the healthy option and have boiled egg and rivita for breakfast today.



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  1. Mashaallah….very nice article,sist karimah…..yes,healthy and natural stuffs is very important for our body,unfortunately most of people love to eat junk & fatty foods like fast food etc,sometimes we difficult to get rid of this all.Thank u so much for the recipee,its quick & easy…..jazakallahkhair

    1. as salaam alaikum, barak allah feeki for your reply, most people are immature when it comes to food , always going for comfort, big fat babies, may Allah help us all ameen

  2. Very true!
    These juices are so good
    Why do people rely on fast food outlets when these great tasting juices are easily made and great for you?

    Thanks for sharing

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