ISLAMIC REMEDIES FOR COUGHS, by Karimah bint Dawoud, muslim chaplain and well being writer

Tickly cough, that cough that won’t go away with tumeric and honey, you know that wonderful Cashmeri remedy, the sort of cough that feels like you have feather in your throat, that cough that gets worse at night.

Usually I use tumeric/haldi and hot soya milk and honey but this time it was not enough, a cough inherited  from sistars who been in the masjid too much during Ramadhan , even though they and others were ill, I eventually got it.

ajwain/carom seeds

 The tumeric and honey were not working and then out of the blue, on Face Book,  a delightful Pakistani sistar from the States told me of ajwain seeds, I decide to do some research and found that a group of white boys on You Tube were burning them over charcoal  to get  a happy high….hmm not that I needed that but the idea of burning them on charcoal rather than dry roast and boil them in milk gave me an idea to take the sistars removed to another level. Ajwain look a little bit like fennel seeds but more brown than  green and are slightly curved and a little bit more “furry” .


Carom or ajwain seeds-take 10ml ,that’s 2 teaspoons  and place in clean small frying pan and turn the heat on and dry fry till they start turning brown, medium brown, keep stirring them , bring the pan up to your mouth and inhale the aroma, you will feel it ” kick” the back of your throat, then place seeds in milk saucepan with cup of milk, I use soya and 1 teaspoon of haldi/tumeric . Cook on low heat for  5 minutes, to infuse the seeds into milk , strain and serve with 1 teaspoon of honey, take morning and night and inshallah the cough should be gone in 2-3 days, so stop taking unless cough returns, may Allah give you shifr (cleaning of your sins through pain and illness) ameen



Health benefits of ajwain:

1. Ajwain has anti-acids which cures digestion problem. Have few ajwain seeds with buttermilk to get rid of indigestion.

2. Ajwain if eaten during cold provides relief and helps take cough and mucus out naturally. Chew the seeds and swallow with warm water. It also cures bronchitis and asthma. Mix it with jaggery and have 1/2-2 tsps twice a day.

3. Stomach or intestinal pain due to indigestion, infection or gastric can be cured by having ajwain seeds with warm water. One of the most important health benefits of ajwain is, the herb cures liver and kidney malfunctioning. It is a natural remedy to get rid of kidney stones.

4. Pain in the heart, head and ears are also reduced by having ajwain seeds. Giving ajwain oil drops in the ears reduce the pain whereas having ajwain with hot water provides relief from heart and head pain.

5. Massaging ajwain oil prevents joint pain and cures arthritis. It is also used to treat rheumatic and neuralgic pain. 

6. Another health benefits of ajwain is it increases appetite.

7. Ajwain seeds avoids bad breath and cures mouth pile. After meals, you can chew few seeds as a mouth freshener. You can also boil ajwain in water and gargle to get relief from toothache.

8. It is believed that having ajwain during menstruation reduces the cramps. Roast few seeds and have with milk.

9. Ajwain helps get rid of acidity too. Roast carom seeds with cumin seeds and boil in water. Drain after boiling and add sugar. Have it as a natural medicine to cure acidity. 

10. Having ajwain during pregnancy is believed to purify blood and improve the blood flow in body.

These are the health benefits of ajwain or carom seeds. You can use in dals, sabji, rotis or paranthas or fried pakoras!

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  1. I’m having cough now due to winter,inshaallah this posting will help.Thank u,sist karimah..jazakillahkhair..

  2. It’s an remarkable piece of writing in favor of all the online people; they will obtain benefit from it I am sure.

  3. savithri says:

    this is ayurveda

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