Carrot and Ginger Juice – Good For Your Tummy

Carrot and Ginger Juice

by Karimah bint Dawoud, muslim chaplain and well being writer

There are too many bugs going round right now in the uk, maybe to do with the changing the weather, I have been hearing about cold send tummy bugs, personally I have not been eating enough vegetables the last couple of days.

We say in Islam what starts good ends good, so what better start right now than this carrot and ginger juice, of course after honey and warm water,

This is juice made other juice maker not blender, if you don’t have juicer you could grate and leaver over night in water, the ginger and carrots and squeeze through a cloth the next day.

Health benefits of carrots

  • contains beta carotene, strong anti oxidant that can help in the prevention of cancer
  • carrots can enhance the quality of breast milk in nursing mothers
  • taken daily can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol
  • carrots can help increase menstrual flow
  • carrots can improve eye sight

health benefits of ginger

  • it can help reduce feeling of nausea, vomiting and morning sickness
  • useful in the treatment of colds and congestion
  • useful for petiole who diabetes and high cholesterol
  • anti inflammatory possible help with arthritis

Ginger is also part of Islamic medicine, mention in the Quran and hadith.


GINGER ( zanjibal)

God the Most High said in the Quran

“they will be given to drink there in  a cup mixed with ginger”

 surat 76. Al-Insân or Ad-Dahr


 From the haddiths of Abu said al’ Khudri, its mentioned in the book of Prophetic Medicine that Abu Nu’aym narrated that “the Emperor of Byzantine sent the Messenger of Allah, salah al alaihi wa salem, a jar of ginger, so he gave each person a piece to eat and he gave me a piece”


In Islamic and Ayurvedic medicine ginger is moist  in the first degree and hot  in the second.


it is warming, aids digestion and is  softening on the stomach. It is beneficial for the liver where there are obstructions caused by cold and moisture.

It is  stimulant and if drunk late in the evening will keep you awake. so if you a have busy long day blend some ginger with water, add a little lemon and honey and store in the fridge over night and take to that lecture with you sheikh, while you are educating us, re educate your taste buds and feel the difference inshallah


it is a sexual stimulant and  increases semen, good if you are trying to have  a baby inshallah, the problem with some of our men today is that they do not show a good example by eating these prophetic foods because they don’t like the taste, they as the Amir need to set the example by educating their taste buds.


It dissolves wind in the stomach and increases the power of the memory Alhamdulillah


Ginger is an amazing spice that grows underground. It has been proven to be beneficial for nausea, vomiting, morning sickness and travel sickness


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