Quran Healing My Illness Fibromyalgia Stroke Survivor Incontinence Ulcerative Colitis

As salaam alaikum wa rahmatulaahi wa barakatu,

In shaa Allah you are well and blessed with steadfast eman.

Big sigh…I’m so busy fixing everyone else problems that I’m don’t my mind my own business and look at myself. It seems kind of selfish, I’m sure other carers and people who love too much know what I mean?

But now my health has got so bad that I really need to fix myself before others and in shaa allay you can learn from my journey.

I am not going to do Day 1, Day 2…I dont have that kind of energy becasue of my health but in shaa allah it will be in some kind of consecutive order

The poster is a list of my illnesses and you would never think I  was that ill if you met me, would you?

Let me list them again so you can look them up or translate



TIA mini stroke


Cervical and thoracic spondylitis

Menopause hot flushes

Rectocele prolapse womb

Urgency incontinence


Ulcerative Colitis Gluten Allergy.

My challenge to myself, to prove to myself and to show you and others that for every  illnesses Allah has provided a cure and those cures come from Allah via food, nutrition, hijama, prayer, oils like olive oil, black seed oil and other essential oils, zamzam water and more duaa prayer… if simple rememdies do not work then we can use pharmacueticals.

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  1. Sumayyah says:

    As salamu alaykum lovely. I too have fibro and many of the symptoms under its umbrella. Have you looked into trauma and its effects on the body? May Allah cure you with a complete cure ameen

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