“O ye who believe! Eat of the good things wherewith .We have provided

 you, and render thanks to Allah if it is (indeed) He whom ye worship” (QURAN CHAPTER 2: VERSE 172).

At the end of 2020 CE. my health was not good, very bad pains in my stomach, up by my heart and on my left side, pains in my liver, upper left torso and gall bladder. I do not celebrate Xmas so didnt realy over indulge but for a sensitive soul like me even cream twice a day is twice too much.

i ate more chocolate while driving becasue i was tired and to compensate the tirednbess 1-3 cups of coffee a day.

now i know that ginger is a great pick me up drink but wehn you are travelling its hard to stick to the usual diet which is good but needs to be better in shaa allah.

on top of my usual fibromyalgia presure points pain and fatigue, my spinal pain ,

I had pain in my groinand spots on my genitals, i havent had sex in a very long time because ive been divorced, so why spots there? I aked single older aunties and they said just bathe it was warm water and they will eventually go…hmmmm…i’m not sure about that.

Sometimes when you add all your pain and illneses up it makes a load and make one feel depressed…i knew things need to change and change drastically.

My challenge to myself, to prove to myself and to show you and others that for every  illnesses Allah has provided a cure and those cures come from Allah via food, nutrition, hijama, prayer, oils like olive oil, black seed oil and other essential oils, zamzam water and more duaa prayer.

I am the Islamic nutritionist but I have still been eating white flour, even though I blog that the prophet of Allah , our beloved Prophet  Muhammad, salah lahu alaihi wa salem, didn’t eat it.

I drink coffee even though I know it’s not good for ME

 And I eat diary although I had a nutrition blood test a few years ago and my blood type is rouleau even before 5 g came along.

Alhamdulillah I don’t drink fizzy drinks or eat pizza or regular portions of junk food because I prefer eating while foods Quran and Sunnah foods, I just don’t eat enough of them .

How many Quranic foods can you name, how many Sunnah foods can you name and how many of those foods so you have in your house?

#ALLAH #quran #quranfoods #fibromyalgia #genitalspots #fatigue #stomachpain #liver #rehab #detox

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