Mental Spiritual Health and Patience

Karimah Bint Dawoud, qualified nutritionist and author of award winning book, ” heavenly Bites , the best of Muslim Home Cooking “

Disclaimer I am not a qualified mental health expert but I am a reflective human being who has had their fair share of counselling alhmdulilah.

As salam alaikum, life in the matrix, the duniya, is about the mind,body and soul.

Health is the interconnectedness of the mind body and soul, the holistic relationship.

Deeper than that is it about how about mind, body and soul is connected to the One who created us and created the matrix we live in.

Mental spiritual health is connect and should also be an area where we look at how we are reacting , thinking etc.

We all get sick thoughts, that’s normal , it is our reaction to these thought that counts.

Personally I seek refuge in Allah , I say “ aa oothou billair hi minar shatan ne regeem”

I seek refuge in Allah from shatan the out cast” when I get negative thoughts

As Muslims we have at least two types of praying , the compulsory prayers five times a day where we action a specific set of words and movements, that is called salat.

We also pray /speak to Allah, quietly within ourselves or out loud,  whenever we feel like it, this is called making duaa.

A minority if  scholars say there are times we shouldn’t make duaa but I do not agree with them, we can speak with our Creator whenever we like. Making duaa is a form of worship because through it we acknowledge that Allah has the power to action our need.Prayers do not always get answered immediately but when the time is right. 

duaa Allahs decree


According to some scholars being unhappy with Allah’s Decree is a disease of the heart.What happens today is Allah’s Plan, we have a choice to react to whatever comes our way and what we do, how we react is written in our book of deeds, may Allah make it easy for us to react in a way that is pleasing to Him ameen

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