Health and Hygiene Emergency Food Aid

As salaam Alaikum one of the main problems with Muslim projects that provide charitable food aid is their ignorance of containing rice based foods hot in insulated food bags.

feed the need hayman on the street volunteer

I was at an Iftar last night and the food was provided by a charity, a sister who ate the food called me early this morning to tell me she had diarrhoea in the night and committed the morning.

I only ate a little of the food as it didn’t have enough gravy and was bland. We had just cooked lovely food for homeless( they told us last night it was the best food they had eaten from charities) and I ate a pesto goats cheese croissant instead of filling up on dry white rice).

Allah tells us don’t give in charity what you wouldn’t eat with your eyes closed..


feed teh need rice food hygeine

Rice contains a bacteria called Bacillus Cereus and if the rice, after cooking is kept warm not hot OR cold, then these toxic bacteria increase at a rate of millions per minute causing headaches,vomiting and diarrhea .

This can all be avoided by packing the filled food containers in insulated pizza bags.
When yiou are handing out hot food, on the street on a cold winter night to a homeless person, they really apprecilove receiving a nice hot meal that warms their hands as well as their heart and tummy.

Alternatively rice can be kept in the fridge or refrigerated transport conditions but who wants cold rice on a cold night?

Quality includes health and hygiene, may Allah make it easy for us ameen

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