Natural Anti-biotics Tumeric and Honey

I have been around sick conjested people for last 2 weeks and yesterday started to feel like i might have caught something.So I got out my tumeric/haldi/curcumin and raw honey- 2 tsps of each and mixed togther throughly.Honey as well as tumeric is an anti biotic.Honey is mentioned in the Quran in a chapter called The Bees.I my book honey is a superfood.

I ate one tea spoon slowly before bed, sucking the paste around my mouth.I took the rest and a clean spoon to bed with me just in case i woke in the night with a cough,Alhmdulilah no! This morning I ate the rest of it with a pinch of black pepper , this helps the curcimin in the tumeric absorb better but blakc people is a stimulant , so i dont take before bed, this morning I also had apple cidar vinegar and water to wash it down, alhmdulilah, it a powerful antibiotic, its cheap , its natural and it has no side effects.


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