I am a massive fan of wholefood in the sense of using as much of the food as possible. The way the Creator made most if not all food produce, is that all parts can be used, not necessariy for eating but for far more than we in our urban bubbles are aware of .

For example,leaving the skin on a potato versus peeling, it will retain some of the indigestible fiber and lower the impact of the potato starch on blood glucose levels.

Potato Fat Content.

If you are going to choose the Potato Diet, as your chosen way of trying to lose weight.
You will want to know how much Fat their is in a Potato. A medium sized Baked Potato has a trace, 0.2 grams of Fat, that is obviously without any dressing. When people are using the Potato Diet to try an shed a couple of pounds, it’s always the Baked Potato Filling, that they struggle with.

It wouldn’t be worth eating a Baked Potato which has a trace of Fat, only to fill it with Cheese or another high fat filling, that would be 1 step forward, and 2 back.

Why not try a couple of these Low Fat Baked Potato Fillings, so that you keep your Potato Fat Content as low as possible.


Low Fat Sour Cream, instead of Butter.
Low Fat Cottage Cheese, instead of Regular Cheddar Cheese.
You can also try Low Fat Cheese, but in the past, i have always found it a little dry.

So just remember, that the Potato Fat Content is basically nothing, it’s always the topping or filling that is adding Fat to your meal.

Regardless of cooking method, some dietary carbohydrates, such as potatoes and refined grains, have a higher GI score than others. Choose whole grains, such as brown rice and whole-grain wheat bread, when possible, to control postprandial blood sugar levels. Furthermore, the GI of any food is based on your body’s ability to digest and absorb carbohydrates. The exact scores and numbers vary among healthy subjects, people with diabetes and people with diabetes taking insulin. Talk to your dietitian if you need help planning meals for a diabetic diet.




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