Alhamdulillah I live in trendy West London, very near Portobello, Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill.

This area has its carnival history and the impact of positive impact of Caribbean communities is seen everywhere.

What I don’t understand though, is a person who smokes marijuana thinking its cool, black and rootsie but don’t give a damn about the environment.

Or people who have more money than sense that waste so much when there are people in need…

Or people who are vegan or raw foodies who also don’t recycle kitchen waste

…to all you Lego heads, we live in an organic world, let’s keep it real not plastic, we are recycling kitchen waste of fruit and vegetable peeling, fruit and veggies that have started to go moldy, egg shells and ta bags, nothing cooked. We take this to our local community garden because we don’t have our own garden in London.

If you have a window ledge where you can open the windows without knocking anything off, then you can invest in a series of small lidded dustbins….or even just a plastic bag.


Peelings in a Bag
Peelings in a Bag

We keep the two smaller on the window ledge and the bigger one downstairs outside

Every week or two, we take the bins to our local community garden and deposit in the compost heaps they have.

3 Little Bins
3 Little Bins

It’s been great for community relations between Muslim and the wider community and its responsible health food cooking and caring for environment at the same time.

Meanwhile Gardens Compost Heap
Meanwhile Gardens Compost Heap

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