Alhamdulilah rabeelalameen, tonight’s FEED THE NEED, feeding the homeless on the streets of Central London was the best , the biggest and the most beautiful so far, maasha’Allah.We have 4 new additions to our all star team, like our food we go for quality over quantity…tonight, today was amazing maasha’Allah, it was freezing on the streets,  we gave out about 140 meals;brown rice with mixed vegetables in the spices turmeric and cardamom rice, lovely lamb mince madras curry or spinach and lentil madras curry, loads of  added fresh garlic and ginger to boost immune system and fight inflammation and cold,quality not quantity means that more meals get eaten not trashed,hot tea and coffee, biscuits, over 100 pairs of thick socks, thick woolly hats, toiletries and Meriemme’s brownies.We recycled all our vegetable peeling etc, wrapping, plastic and collect all paper , plastic etc after the food was eaten and recycled  that too, so tired and spaced out when we get back , been in at least an hour and just realised that I still have my woollie hat and hijaab on 🙂

alhmdulilah, praise the Creator, Allah mounded our hearts to FEED THE NEED.


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