GLOBESITY….the over consumption of processed food products


GLOBESITY….while we continue to over consume fast fried street food then we will be one of the SIGNS OF THE LAST DAYS…OBESE!!! IT’S NOT CUTE, IT’S FAT!!!

Fat Kids...not a good way to go!
Fat Kids…not a good way to go!

“in truth no country has managed the transition to get rid of hunger without it shifting to obesity very rapidly”… 

Alhamdulilah praise the Creator, if there is one book to take away with you on a trip of hoildau it has to be “healthy at 100 ” by John Robbins. It’s the next step after the China Study.He illustrates in countries like Japan, where the Americans took their troops and junk food, Japanese youth addicted to that C.R.A.P. carbonated, refined,artificial, processed, have become much fatter than their grandparents  and in some cases will be the first generation to die before their grandparents from illnesses related to being fat, overweight , obese.

Insha’allah in the future the shuyukh will deems certain types of junk food products as bad as tobacco and alcohol as haram as they have done with cigarettes, but already many nutritionists or dietitians already believes this due to the growing overwhelming evidence about junk foods.

Worldwide Epidemic Including Your Fat Country

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